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From an intern to being in charge

Machaba Matsapola | 18 June 2016

Takalane started from the bottom and became Alex FM station manager in four years​

Kwaito issue: Mandla Spikiri: Leading Kwaito Revolution Movement . Read more

​​​​Puseletso would like to hear more sex talk on Radio

By Machaba Matsapola | 15 April 2016

An opinionated young woman takes a stance and urges radio stations to add sex education to their programming

​​​Spiritual singer Keishambra heals souls with her music

By Machaba Matsapola | 07 March 2016

Talented vocalist uses her music to talk to young people about what matters in life. 

Born free presenter enjoys the freedom on internet Radio

Machaba Matsapola | 18 June 2016

With hardly a month on air, Khanyisa is allowed to push the envelope a bit further.

YFM's IT Administrator talks about his role

Machaba Matsapola | 18 June 2016

Kgotso ensures that there are no technical glitches at YFM

​​​​A deep minded news anchor

By Matlhako "Blaqueen" Ramoroko | 04 April 2016

​Katekani from Chabane in Limpopo has looks that hide an interesting personality. We meet up with her at her work for Q & A that had more than twenty one questions but we stick to the rules.


​​​Beauty queen likes to tune into 947 Highveld

By Matlhako "Blaqueen" Ramoroko | 14 March 2016

Miss Limpopo 2014/15 let us in on some of her favourite radio shows an presenters 

TSHWANE FM'S ARTISTIC JOCK SETTLES FOR THE RADIO CALLING : Sibongile went from Radio production, to the...Read more

​​​​​Tshwane FM’s artistic jock settles for the Radio calling

By Khomotso Mothoa | 07 March 2016

Sibongile went from radio production, to the corporate world and then back to radio


​​​Koketso wants to juggle stethoscopes with headphones

By Khomotso Mothoa | 14 March 2016

With dreams of becoming a radio jock, Koketso had to put them on hold to fulfil her parents’ wishes. 

Alex FM producer facilitates youth radio programs

Machaba Matsapola | 04 July 2016

Sammy mentors young people who want to be in radio

Evolution Issue: Setting trends in radio broadcasting. Read more

​​​A comic news anchor

By Machaba Matsapola | 15 April 2016

5FM’S Kim Schulze got some funny bone in her body

​​​​Kwaito music proves to be alive at Lebowakgomo Stadium

By Machaba Matsapola | 04 April 2016

Third annual #Akasidream event once again put Kwaito music at the forefront 

​​Kulani chose passion over studying to support her family

By Matlhako "Blaqueen" Ramoroko | 04 April 2016

​Capricorn FM hip hop jock never derailed from her dreams of being on radio

Symphony in Blue

Machaba Matsapola | 24 June 2016

Five nights of good food, good drinks & good music with Kaya FM and Johnnie Walker Blue

Physically challenged DJ proves that he is able

By Machaba Matsapola | 07 March 2016

Barkzz uses his talent and connections to look out for other disabled young people

New age Radio for the new generation

Machaba Matsapola | 18 June 2016

Internet radio presenter talks about keeping it youthful on air


Community Radio Issue: Children Radio Foundation: Mentoring young people through community radio. Read more

Makie loves to listen to commercial radio stations for a dose of RNB and SA hip hop...
Read more

Young woman finds solace in singing

Machaba Matsapola | 18 June 2016

Tebogo gets to talk about her pain and agony whenever she sings

​​​​​IDENTICAL TWINS TALK ABOUT THEIR DIFFERENT TASTES IN MUSIC: Katlego & Karabo might look the same but ... Read more 

RAPPER SHANE EAGLE IS READY TO SHINE : Just like an eagle, Shane plans to go way up with his music... Read more 

Youth Issue: Jimmy Wiz Bridges the gap between the old and the new School

 Read more

​​​A Young woman who is ahead of her time

By Machaba Matsapola | 14 March 2016

Spokazi doesn’t consume anything that her peers do. 

​​Maxhoba's interesting music journey

By Machaba Matsapola | 14 March 2016

Maxhoba’s went from singing hooks to taking charge of his music career


​​​Pearl Modiadie celebrates 10 years in the media industry

By Sheila Afari PR | 20 April 2016

Television Presenter, Radio Host and Producer, Pearl Modiadie, hits an important milestone in her career as she celebrates 10 years in the Media Industry


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